Beginnings Workshop – Winter Edition

Here it is… my beginner workshops for winter!

This time you can pick your date: I am having beginner workshops on January 12th (sold out!) and 25th as well as February 2nd and 22nd  (sold out!) from 1-4pm at my studio here on our farm.

This is a beginner workshop that will lead up to and prepare you for the full weekend retreats here on the farm.


You will learn:

to shoot on manual
what all those buttons and dials are for
how to capture the images YOU want to make!

The cost of the workshop is $195.

The best part is that if you sign up for one of the Warthan Farms weekend retreats in 2013 or 2014 then you will receive the FULL amount of the beginner workshop off the cost of the retreat. Of course, you can simply use the beginner’s workshop as a great jumping off point on its own.

During the beginner class I’ll be teaching you all about those buttons, dials and settings on your camera, photography “rules” (and when to break them!) and you will leave the workshop shooting your camera in manual mode. No more auto mode! I want to give you the know-how on controlling your camera to do what YOU want it to do! We’ll be winding up the afternoon by putting your new skills to work… photographing real people in real situations. You’ll also – I hope – leave feeling inspired to pick up your camera and use it to capture all those amazing moments in your life!

Each group will be very small so if you think you want to sign up do it soon!
I would love to have you! You can click here to sign up (look for Beginning Workshop): or call me at 757.899.0178.

- All payments are non-refundable

- dates may not be switched

- new bookings only

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