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family session with the conners


A warm early spring day, a birthday boy and an adorable family. What else could a photographer ask for?

This session was a bit of a deviation from our plans since sweet little H decided cake was not for him. So his mama and I decided we’d simply head outside and let him play… doing what he does best… loving on his devoted parents and playing in the dirt.


{pentax 645n, portra 400 and tri-x, developed and scanned in house}



Pure Honey Boudoirs | Minisessions

Summer means Pure Honey minisessions! Indoors or out… your choice.  And these simple, natural sessions that I call pure honey will have you feeling naturally gorgeous and sexy. No fake anything, no props, no crazy accessories… just you and your lovely self.

The details:

- Sessions will take place on May 1st or June 22nd

-Perfect for sexy boudoir images, portraits or maternity images

- All of my sessions are done on film for organically flawless skin and colors.

- Each image is hand developed and hand edited.

- You’ll receive up to 15 images delivered via download as well as one mounted 8×12 with the option to purchase more prints or a mini-album

-  Cost: $295 | Deposit of $100 required to book your minisession. Payment due via Paypal to: or I can send an invoice to your email address. Payment due in full at the time of your session.

- Sessions will take place in my cozy Cottage in a private room or on a secluded spot on our spacious farm. There is plenty of room to arrive early to change, relax and prepare for your session.

  if you prefer to have hair and makeup done, email me at the address above for recommendations



April 8, 2014 - 4:44 pm

nicolbi daniels - ok I am really doing it this time.


Questions about my editing workshop…

Last week I asked my workshop group for some help… what are some questions you’d have if you were taking my Editing Workshop for the very first time? And they threw them at me!

1. Do I need to attend a Beginnings Workshop first? 

Not at all! The Beginnings Workshop is pretty darn incredible and gets you off to a great start (does that sound too much like a cereal commercial?) but is not required to take the Editing Workshop.

2. What do I need to know about my camera?

For effective editing, you’ll want to have a basic understanding of your camera and of the photographic triangle. Editing Workshops shouldn’t be so much about “fixing” images but rather making great images shine!

3. What if I don’t haven’t editing software?

You may have it and just don’t know it.;) There are some great free editing programs available and depending on your system, one may already be installed (like iPhoto). It will be perfect for basic things like making an image brighter or darker or cropping. However, I do recommend Photoshop Elements or Photoshop. Photoshop is now “cloud based” and often goes on sale for $9.99 per month. That’s hard to beat…

4. Why should I learn to edit?

If you’re an aspiring artist (professional or not) you’ll want to have the very most control over your images – start to finish. Well, editing is the “finish”. An image that’s not edited is like a beautiful, heirloom kitchen table that hasn’t been sanded or polished. Even if you’re shooting in jpeg then you are trusting the camera to do all the editing… eep! Wouldn’t you rather learn how to make your images look the way you want them to? And how to get the same result whenever you want?

5. You talk about Levels, Curves, Gradients, Actions… what the heck are those? Hold me, I’m scared. 

No need to be scared… although we can totally snuggle and watch Frozen again. These are just Photoshop terms and they’re all ways to do things like lighten your image, add contrast or color or even those funky color effects that you’ve seen. Actions are things that you can buy that will do all of those things for you but wouldn’t you rather learn how to do them yourself? Also- do you want to build a snowman?

Thank you to Timorah Beales Photography and Gretchen Willis Photography for anticipating these potential questions!


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This workshop is in person AND online via webinar

editing may