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Grabbing the Moment

I love film. I’ve said it so many times. And yet – here I am… a proud new owner of a Fuji x100s. I have missed capturing things like this – my cell phone camera is great (really great actually) but lately I’ve felt like my blog is lacking what I really love – and that’s these spur of the moment shots with my family hanging out together. Too long hair, dirty faces, work boots and all…


August 8, 2014 - 1:47 pm

Betty - I’ve missed these pictures too! Thanks for posting. :)


The McLaughlins



One of the first things I told their mama was… they will probably get dirty. And I knew they were the family for me when she was totally on board with it! Still I don’t think either of us expected him to really go all out like that as we wandered the farm path. The smiles were worth every scrub in the old washtub once we returned to the Cottage. Bundled up in warm towels and fresh clothes, this family left with not only the promise of pictures to come but with memories that will last much longer than mud and a few dirty clothes… and then they were off to their next adventure on the Jamestown Ferry!






Changing Things Up

Since I’ve been teaching workshops I’ve pulled up my calendar, plucked a date out of thin air and hoped that it worked for y’all. Eh. Also? Nerve wracking.

I also have been scheduling private mentoring this whole time for individuals, parents & their kids, best friends, husbands & wives… they get to pick their own dates. Hmmm. I like that better. We’re getting warmer!

Sometimes I get my best ideas while cooking dinner (you may know this meal as lunch) for my family and today was one of those blessed days. I am already happier with this idea and I think you will be too because now you have choices:

1. Are you an introvert? Me too a little bit. In that case, you’ll click over and make your mentoring deposit… for you – or you and a person you love. Y’all will come out to the farm and enjoy your time together along with me popping in to teach photography and shooting models that you get to pick (ex. newborns, families, seniors). Lots of peace and quiet in a very rural area and you are able to make your own schedule and learn exactly what you want to learn. Mentoring is $1500 per person with a deposit of $200 due at booking. The cottage along with mentoring is all inclusive… food and your stay is included in this price.

2. More outgoing? Do you want the whole Workshop Experience of a Farmgirl Workshop Retreat? The raucous laughter, the late nights, the bonding with people you didn’t even know the day before? Then you’ll click over and also make your deposit – then message me at and say “Hey girl, these dates work for me and by the way – let’s make this thing a WORKSHOP“.  And if you’d like to suggest a specialty, I’m open to that as well. We’ll need at least three (3) people total to make it a complete workshop and I’ll do my part if you’ll do yours. This means: telling your friends about it, mentioning it in photography forums, blogging about it, Facebooking it, Pinterest, … you get the idea – get the word out there! Why would you do this? While mentoring is $1500 per person, workshops have always been $1200 per person. I typically have around 5 people in each workshop so I think we can handle this together! These are limited to four per year. The cottage along with mentoring is all inclusive… food and your stay is included in this price.

So there it is. You decide! Mentoring or a workshop – it’s your choice and in either case YOU pick the date! Questions? Email me at and I’ll do my best to clarify.


|mentoring is $1500.

|workshop seats are $1200

The cottage along with mentoring is all inclusive… food and your stay is included in this price

|mentoring for one afternoon is $500

| online mentoring is $500 for three hours

| portfolio reviews are $100