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the newborn workshop

This summer I’m introducing something new… small (only 4-5 attendees!), intense workshops focused on your specialty. These will be on weekdays because I know you want to leave your weekends free for your clients and will be a day full of learning, fun and networking.

First up is sweet, warm, snuggly newborns… of course. How could I not? If you want to know how I feel about newborn sessions and how I approach them you can read more here.  I value connections and comfort above all and love how those shine through in the final images! We’ll be creating natural, organic, real newborn images that focus on the baby, the parents and their connection.

Not only will you be able to ask questions in the workshop but the learning also continues in my exclusive workshop group on Facebook. You’ll gain access as soon as you sign up for this workshop! It’s the best group out there – I love it!

(the Cottage is available if you’re traveling from out of town!)

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Beginnings Photography Workshop – Online – Summer 2014


The Beginnings class that you’ve heard so much about is now available to everyone! This is the course featured in a recent issue of Denim + Grace Magazine and one that I not only teach here at my studio in Virginia but have also taught in Kansas and Florida. As much as I adore my workshops for seasoned photographers I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving the lightbulbs I see in new photographers’ eyes! (edited to add: this is the workshop many seasoned photographers take to learn zone metering – it’s well worth it for the time it saves when shooting and editing!)

This is an online course and will run in a private Facebook group. There are assignments that you can complete on your own time followed by lots of feedback and questions are always welcome. And yes – just like the in person workshop, 100% of your fee will apply to any 2014 full workshop here on the farm! So if you are just beginning or want to make sure you have a solid foundation then this is the class for you. Not only will you learn skills that will carry you through your photography journey, you will also receive feedback on your images, work at your own pace and be able to ask questions in a safe, warm, friendly group. Spots are very limited!

Class runs from July 1st – July 31st

(Workshop will remain open one week after class ends. The weekly information is downloadable.)

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June 17, 2014 - 8:50 pm

Brianne Pittman - Hey there Jennifer! I am interested in taking your summer beginnings workshop. Are there any available spots for July?


family time

We are undeniably blessed that almost all of our time is family time. Just where that family time takes place though changes through the year though.

Right now we’re in the shop working on equipment or out planting corn. So we have these long talks about our day sitting right there on sacks of seed corn. I think it beats the couch any day.

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April 21, 2014 - 7:40 am

Rachel - Amen!