what should we wear?

 Simple is good.

 Simple is wonderful. Simple lets you shine through. Connections are seen. And really, isn’t that what these images are all about?

Natural colors and textures work best out here on the farm. Think about what colors look best with lush green crops, baby blue skies, soft dirt you can’t wait to sink your toes into and tall golden grasses.  I really love soft colors and neutrals. Be prepared to maybe get a little dirty… nothing that won’t wash off!


virginia family photographer

Here is my What To Wear board on Pinterest if you need inspiration:

Sometimes it’s easiest to say what to avoid, so here are my thoughts on that:


busy, loud, graphic print (plaid can look great though!)

shorts on men

sleeveless tops if you don’t like your arms

bulky tennis shoes or sports sandals (honestly, I’d rather have y’all barefoot anyway!)



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