the farmgirl retreats

Once upon a time, I was a middle school teacher.

My days were long but filled with questions, with plans and with those spectacular moments when a student’s eyes light up and I knew I’d done my job. It is an immense blessing to me that I can continue to see that light gleaming in others’ eyes and an honor to know that I’ve helped make that happen.

When you visit the farm, teaching is very conversational, unstructured and fluid. I won’t ever talk “at” you but instead with you. This means that one question may bring up another and another and your stay here is ultimately is about what you want to learn rather than a strict schedule. Learning takes place not only by asking questions but from observation and conversation. Exactly what you’d expect from a fun, homey but informative photography getaway with one-on-one learning…

Speaking of one-on-one… I only teach the “real” stuff that way. I want to focus on you. Where you are… what you already know…what you don’t know and what you want to know. We get so much more accomplished that way and I feel like you get more for your money – and that makes me happy. I do offer fun retreats for you social butterflies so shoot me a message if you’re interested in those!

Once you leave the farm, the learning continues within my Facebook workshop group and I have to say – it’s the best darn photography group ever!

|mentoring for a weekend is $1500

The cottage along with mentoring is all inclusive… food and lodging is included in this price

|in-person mentoring is $500 for three hours

| online mentoring is $500 for three hours

| retreats are $500

| portfolio reviews are $200


*workshop and mentoring fees are non-refundable, dates are non-transferable*

*Arrival and departure dates are always flexible… we’re big on hospitality ’round here. And airports are a pain.*

 pictured below: the cottage

click here to book your mentoring session or portfolio review

Here on my peaceful farm surrounded by nature…

we’re going to grow your talent.


learn your camera

find a flow with sessions

learn how to make clients comfortable – so much they might forget you are there!

capture genuine emotions

find your unique style

speed up your editing workflow

write your own actions (and how to edit without buying actions!)

learn to find that yummy, gorgeous natural light

achieve perfect skin tones

learn how to determine the best camera settings for every situation

learn how to get proper exposure without guesswork

Please email or call me at 757.899.0178 for more details

When you visit the farm, I have a warm, inviting place for you to stay. The Cottage is a three-bedroom, all-inclusive, fully stocked home (with wifi!) just across the field from my own house… just for my clients and workshop members. Unwind, be inspired and enjoy your stay! 

If you’d like headshots or family portraits during your time here, I have special portrait rates for photographers staying at The Cottage.


what others are saying about the farm…

from the National Peanut Board


It’s been almost a year since my one-on-one with Jennifer. Before my time at the farm I was pretty lost as to what I wanted my images to say, how to achieve consistent proper exposure, and I had no clue what I was doing in Photoshop. The weekend I spent with her has seriously been invaluable. I feel like I got much more out of that weekend then what I paid for. There were many times that weekend I felt like I need to have my hand held and guided, and that is exactly what Jennifer did (figuratively speaking). This image of her sweet Avery Ruth is the first image that I have been proud to print and display (of someone other then my own kids…) and since the workshop, I find myself going back to my weekend at the farm and utilizing the tools that Jennifer gave me… I’ve also started to find my voice, my editing style, and I’ve learned that shooting what I love makes the best images. I can’t thank Jennifer enough for having me that weekend. I am trying to plan for another weekend in 2015 to go back to the farm for more learning (and because I love her sweet family!


I also want to tell you how much I enjoyed spending the day at your cottage and working with you & meeting a GREAT group of ladies.  It was truly an HONOR! I learned some great techniques and learned what will probably be the MOST valuable advice ever on my photography journey- wherever that may lead me.  This ONE sentence changed my entire outlook on my PERSONAL vision of photography. You said, “My goal is to get it right through the lens so I don’t have to spend hours editing.” I will continue to strive to get what looks and feels right to me. THANK YOU for your patience, time, knowledge and compassion for those of us pursuing a dream. It means more to me than I could ever put into words.

- Candice

Several different photographers whose work I have looked through… that you have worked with recently, I can literally see the day after they took a class with you. Their work has that big of a change!! For that many people to have that drastic of a change, you really must be an amazing teacher. I am so unbelievably excited to work with you this summer!!

- Sandra

Jennifer has been taking pictures of my family for about 3 years now. She is absolutely one of the sweetest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She has helped me so much with learning photography. Anytime I have had questions she has answered them with no hesitation. I was in her first Workshop on the Farm class, and I learned SO MUCH! I now take a few pictures for people as a hobby on the side. I would love to create a bigger business, and Jennifer has let me know that when I am ready she will be there with any information and advice she can give. I will say that when you meet her, you get way more than a mentor, teacher, and photographer…You get a wonderful life long friend in the process! I consider Jennifer family, and absolutely adore her


I took the photography class with Jennifer and all I can say is wow!  I learned a lot.  Jennifer is a patient teacher and even let me come back and shadow her on a senior photo shoot.  I learned what all the bells and whistles were on my Nikon D3100.  I love the quality of the photos I take.  I have and would recommend her work to anyone with a desire to learn photography.


Not only is Jennifer a phenomenal photographer, but she is a truly gifted teacher. Her down-to-earth style and genuine nature shine through her photography and greatly influence her teaching style. Mentoring with her is an opportunity to learn, experience light in a whole new way, frolic on the farm, gain insight into her mastery of Photoshop, and find a friend.


My ability and confidence in photography has grown immensely since meeting Jennifer, If it wasn’t for her help I’m not sure I could have even begun to come close to achieving  the “look” that I want in my images. I keep thinking that in April I had no clue how to use my camera other than to turn it on and use the Auto button, when in fact the possibilities are endless, who knew?! With her guidance, advice and mentoring I KNOW that I have improved more than I could have imagined! Jennifer is so good at explaining everything and she is always available to answer questions. She has never made me feel like my questions were silly or unimportant. Her passion for photography and her ability to teach it to others is as genuine as she is. I am so blessed to have met her. I heart her.

- Denise




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